How To Prepare For UGC NET 2022? UGC NET Preparation Tips, Study Guide

How To Prepare For UGC NET

How To Prepare For UGC NET 2022? UGC NET Preparation Tips, Study Guide: How To Prepare For UGC NET 2022? Is this what you are thinking? Well, if so, know that you have come to the right space. It is crucial to know the UGC NET Preparation Tips 2022 in the first place. As this exam is considered to be one of the most difficult exams. Crack UGC NET 2022 and get into the posts of Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship in the Universities and colleges. Aspirants should have the best study guide for UGC NET 2022. Candidates who are aiming to do their best have to include UGC NET 2022? preparation strategy that will definitely help them to achieve success.

First and foremost candidates should make sure that they are including the best books for UGC NET 2022. Having strategic learning resources based on the UGC NET syllabus will help you understand the main credential of the exam structure. This is further followed by the UGC NET Exam Pattern. This helps give an insight into the sectional time to each part is all essential criteria of the UGC NET exam preparation plan.

How To Prepare For UGC NET 2022? UGC NET Preparation Tips, Study Guide

Organization Name National Testing Agency (NTA)
Exam Name National Eligibility Test (NET) – June Session
Category Preparation Tips
Exam Purpose Admissions for  December 2021 and June 2022 (merged cycles)
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UGC NET Preparation Tips

This section of the article will guide you through the best UGC NET Preparation Tips. This will definitely be the study guide that you are looking for. Follow through with the points and make a note at your convenience.

To begin with, UGC NET Preparation begins with understanding the UGC NET 2022 exam pattern. This will help you know the structure of the exam, the making criteria as well as knowing the sectional marking. Through this, you can have an estimate for yourself and enhance your preparation much better.

Secondly, work on the official UGC NET 2022 Syllabus. Having a track over the syllabus will help you predefine the topics that you need to consider for preparation. Make sure that you get along with the prescribed syllabus so that you will not be confused and can set accurate times for each topic.

Test Pattern For UGC NET 2022

Paper Name of the Subject No of Questions Max Marks
Paper I The questions in the Paper I intends to
assess the teaching/ research aptitude
of the candidate. It will primarily be
designed to test reasoning ability,
reading comprehension, divergent
thinking and general awareness of the
50 questions 100 marks
Paper-II This is based on the subject selected
by the candidate and will assess
domain knowledge
100 questions 200 marks
Total 150 Questions 300 Marks
Duration: 180 Minutes

UGC NET 2022 Study Guide

Thirdly, it is suggested to solve UGC NET 2022 previous year’s paper and mock tests. This gives a clear perspective of the things that you need to know. Additionally, you will also understand the structure of the exam plus giving you an idea of the topics that you can expect. Thus, making your preparation much easier.

Fourth, the most prominent is to always make notes. Usually, students that preparing notes for the exam is a waste of time. However, through this, you can easily mark your methods of learning. Memorize faster as well as use different techniques to learn and remember quickly. Moreover, by preparing notes you can also evaluate your progress and have consistent revision sessions.

Finally, Time management. This is considered to be the next important thing in exam preparation. Aspirants who are patient enough in making a study timetable and divide time for each topic/subject will definitely have a consistent track to focus. Investing time for revision and tests/quizzes, making short notes, etc will help you analyze the prospects of the level of difficulty of the topics. In this manner, you will definitely be able to utilize your time effectively.

Preparation Strategy of UGC NET 2022

Utilizing the preparation tips for UGC NET 2022 is agreeable to one extent. But implementing the right Preparation Strategy for UGC NET 2022 is considered to be the most productive of all. Here are a few things that you need to consider.

Preparation Strategy of UGC NET 2022 Paper 1

Unit I: Teaching Aptitude

In this section, you need to focus on child psychology. This section assesses prospective teachers’ understanding of teaching and learners. Work on the topics like- Teaching concept and objectives, Learner characteristics for adolescent and adult learners, and their different Factors affecting teaching, Teacher, Learner, Support material, and Institution. Methods and methodologies of teaching: Teacher-centred vs. learner-centred methods; Pedagogies, Evaluations etc.

Unit – II: Research Aptitude

The aim of this section is to understand the research ability of the candidate. Completely focus on writing your own research papers during graduation and post-graduation. Other topics that can be included are –
Research – meaning, types, characteristics, and approaches, Methods of Research- experimental, descriptive, historical, qualitative, and quantitative, Steps of Research – Thesis and Article writing: Format and Styles of referencing, Application of ICT in Research and ethics.

Unit – III: Comprehension

Grammar and sentence meanings play the most crucial role. This section will be very beneficial to all the candidates who are quick in reading and grasping information. Picking out answers from the given passage in a short period of time is literally profound. So, work on reading, skimming and scanning the text.

Unit – IV: Communication

Working on Communication: Meaning, types, and characteristics, Effective communication- Verbal and Non-verbal, Inter-Cultural and group, Classroom communication, Barriers, Mass-Media, and Society will help you not just improvise knowledge but will definitely let you learn the kind of vocabulary that each topic is referring. This way you can easily understand and communicate.

Unit-V: Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude

This section is considered to be a bit tricky. The solution lies in reading the questions carefully. Try to include shortcuts or tricks for solving different types and patterns of questions. Work on the concepts like- Number series, Letter series, Codes, and Relationships, General Arithmetic: Fraction, Time & Distance, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, etc.

Unit – VI: Logical Reasoning

Just like the previous section, this is also an extensive section with at least 6-7 questions. Having good reading, and understanding of questions are the key elements that you can include. Look into the concepts like – Arguments: forms, structure, Mood and Figure, Formal and Informal, Uses of language, Connotations and denotations, and Classical Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning etc.

Unit-VII: Data Interpretation

A time-consuming section but easy if you can figure out the correlation between the data, with a simple calculation. However, there are no short tricks for solving DI. Notable topics are – Sources, acquisition, and classification of Data, Quantitative and Qualitative Data, Graphical representation, Data and Governance

Unit-VIII: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Work thoroughly on the basics of the internet and its related terminology. Pivotal topics are: General abbreviations, Internet, E-mail, and Conferencing, Digital initiatives, ICT and Governance

Unit-IX: People, Development and Environment

This unit should have natural and convenient learning. Include the environmental, cultural, regional, national, or global topics for good preparation. However, climate change and sustainable development are crucial topics. Additionally, knowing the current summits related to environments is a must.

Unit – X: Higher Education System

This is the last unit for UGC NET 2022 Paper 1. Know the responsibilities as a professor in an institute or society. Work on the historical significance of teachings, educational institutions, and learning programs, Evolution of higher studies in Post-Independence India, Oriental, Conventional and Non-conventional learning programs, Value and environmental education policies, Governance, and Administration.

UGC NET 2022 Study Material

UGC NET Previous Question Paper – Important Link
To Download UGC NET Previous Question Papers PDF Click Here

To conclude, all the best UGC NET 2022? UGC NET Preparation Tips and Study Guide are given in this article. Use this UGC NET 2022 Preparation Strategy and ace your exam. Do well. And stay connected with Exams.Freshersnow.Com for informative articles.

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