How To Prepare For FDST 2022? Preparation Tips

How To Prepare For FDST

How To Prepare For FDST 2022? Preparation Tips: Cracking Foreign Dental Screening Test is not an easy go. However, if you are wondering How To Prepare For FDST? Then you have landed in the right place for gathering the real answers. To ace, this computer-based test you need to follow the correct approach, and the right preparation strategy is the key to qualifying FDST.

Applicants must be working hard to achieve FDST. It is essential to strategize the correct study methodology to succeed in the FDST exam. Consider following even the smallest hack or tips that will eventually be helpful in better preparation. So, stay tuned to this article and read every section. Do not miss taking notes as it will surely be helpful in your FDST preparation.

FDST Preparation Tips

FDST preparation can be very stressful. In order to ace the test, you need to put a lot of pressure and the right amount of effort. However, with a realistic preparation strategy, you can crack the Foreign Dental Screening Test. Follow these FDST preparation tips and implement them on a regular basis.

Use Flow Charts and Diagrams

Flow charts are considered for accessible quick revision. Visual representations like diagrams, mindmap and flowcharts help in better retention than textual learning. You can also understand the interlink of the sub-topics and eventually you will be able to trace the section of the topics better.

Practice Past papers

Whilst going through or practicing past test papers or previous years papers. You will be able to understand the pattern of the questions formed. Subsequently, if the previous year’s paper is not available, then at least practice mock tests which would indeed be based on the real exam. You will also be able to know the expected questions. Through this, you would be able to ace with time management.

Take timely breaks

Long study sessions can be tiring as well as exhausting for the brain. Timely breaks are essential to regain focus. Alongside, it will help you stay active and you will be able to study without stress. Taking timely breaks will help you analyze your time consumed for each topic and eventually, you will be able to increase your standard of study.


Revision is a must to absorb information in a better way. Along with that, the revision will also help you to be on track. It will enable you to stay focused. Improves your memorizing capacity. Additionally, helps you to be accountable in making your study assessments.

Cultivate a study routine

Apart from preparing a timetable, you should also make sure that you are habituating yourself to a routine. It always begins with commitment. Either it can be towards achieving your study targets or doing an activity in your timely breaks. This allows your mind to stay focused and motivated.

Last Minute Preparation Tips For FDST 2022

Done with all your preparation? Looking for a few last-minute preparation tips for FDST? Well then take a look at the list below-

  1. Understand the marking schemes.
  2. Prioritize the complex topics.
  3. Make a brief orientation of the mastered concepts.
  4. Prepare using timeframes.
  5. Maintain good mental health.

FDST Exam Pattern


Subject Number of Questions
Paper-1 (TOTAL 100)
Anatomy 10 Questions
Physiology 10 Questions
Biochemistry 10 Questions
Microbiology 10 Questions
Pathology 10 Questions
Pharmacology 10 Questions
General Medicine 10 Questions
General Surgery 10 Questions


Subject Number of Questions
Paper-2 (TOTAL 100)
Dental Anatomy & Histology 10 Questions
Dental Materials 10 Questions
Oral Pathology 10 Questions
Oral Microbiology 10 Questions
Oral Medicine 10 Questions
Oral Radiology 10 Questions
Oral Surgery 10 Questions
Periodontics 10 Questions
Orthodontics 10 Questions
Community / Public Health Dentistry 10 Questions
Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry 10 Questions
Prosthodontics Crown & Bridge 20 Questions
Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic 20 Questions
Grand Total (Part-A + Part-B) 250 Questions

Leave your worry about how to prepare for FDST? As you have been equipped with all the essential preparation tips for FDST. implement them in your practice. Good luck with your exam. Stay with us for more informative articles Exams.Freshersnow.Com.

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