How To Prepare For BCECE 2022 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Material

How To Prepare For BCECE

How To Prepare For BCECE 2022 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Material: Candidates preparing for Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (BCECE) have to include the best BCECE 2022 preparation tips. If you are under the thought of How To Prepare For the BCECE 2022 Exam?. Read through his article and get the utmost benefit of achieving a convenient preparation. Firstly, aspirants need to prepare according to the exam pattern and syllabus of the subjects. Secondly, categorizing time to brush up on their skills and, have a complete revision of the syllabus. Additionally, you should also have an eye over the marking scheme in order to have a patterned preparation.

How To Prepare For BCECE 2022 Exam? Preparation Tips, Study Material

Organization Name Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECEB)
Exam Name Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (BCECE 2022)
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Exam Purpose Admission into UG courses
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Preparation Tips for the BCECE 2022

This section of the article will guide you through the best Preparation tips for the BCECE 2022. As you read along, do take notes so that you will not miss out on any of the important tips for BCECE that you can easily include in your BCECE 2022 preparation.

To begin with, we should be focusing on setting out a proper timetable. Having a study time plan will help you improvise on categorizing the subjects and planning thorough the level of difficulty. In this way, you can adopt a go-to prep style. There are two main things that you can include in your BCECE 2022 study timetable.

  1. Divided time over the main subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.
  2. Having a revision hour after every main preparation.

Next, Solving BCECE Previous Year Papers. This is the most prominent part of the preparation. This way you will not only familiarize yourself with the stricture of the exam but you will know the length exam. There are two major things that can have an add on to your preparation-

  1. Being aware of the maximum marks helps you track your tough questions.
  2. Eventually, you can improve your speed and develop quick answering methods.

Thirdly, focus on your basics. You might be wondering that basics might not be so important. Working on the advanced level of questions itself will be fine. Well, to flip your thought of thinking. Working on your basics will give you a clear picture of how fast you are able to understand the question pattern. Alongside, the two credentials that can be included are-

  1. Working through the root of the question will definitely help through the solving methodologies.
  2. Gives a clear insight into the pattern of the formats that the topics are changing over different levels.

Furthermore, the right BCECE 2022 Preparation Strategy to crack this state-level entrance exam includes making notes. It is no wonder that dealing with core subjects that include calculations and formulae needs handy notes. Two benefits to carry are-

  1. Have quick revisions.
  2. Have a topic-oriented study.

Finally, going to square one i.e including the best books for BCECE 2022 will help you through having a clear preparation. Prioritizing books that fit your preparation will help you divide your time and equally organize yourself to prepare for all the subjects. Two extremes to consider are-

  1. Clear explanations for all the topics.
  2. Level of questions that can be synchronized.

BCECE 2022 Exam Pattern

Subject Number of Questions No of Marks Duration of examination Negative Marking
Physics 100 400 90 minutes for each subject 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer
Chemistry 100 400
Mathematics 100 400
Biology 100 400
Agriculture 100 400

BCECE 2022 Physics Preparation Tips

To ace BCECE 2022 Preparation for Physics candidates need to be vigilant enough as the subject itself demands major concerns and the adaptability to understand the core links of the subject topics. There are a few things that need to be considered.

Working on core concepts like – Physical-world and measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid body, Gravitation, etc will take an uphold over the further concepts.

Subsequently, understanding the question ratio over the topics will have a much greater impact on producing productive preparation. For instance – Oscillations and Waves 10% Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism 8% Electronic Devices 8% Optics 7% on an approximate basis.

BCECE Preparation Tips for Chemistry

Subjects like Chemistry demand a huge amount of quick effort. This means that candidates need to focus on the answering patterns and the methodology of the questions that are being asked/reviewed. This helps in the betterment of the preparation.

Secondly, understanding the ratio of the concepts will give a clear insight into the prioritization of the concepts. Block elements – 10% Organic Chemistry and Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 7% – 8% Biomolecules and Hydrocarbons 5%. Additionally, including some of the best books for BCECE 2022 will help you a long way. NCERT Chemistry book of Class 11th and 12th, Objective Chemistry by Dinesh, BCECE Explorer by MTG or BCECE by Arihant, etc are the foundational books that are to be considered.

BCECE 2022 Preparation for Mathematics

BCECE 2022 Preparation for Mathematics is indeed one of those subjects that highly needs concentration. Only through that, you can achieve a qualified score. Some things that you need to focus on are

Work as much as possible on formulae and the use of shortcuts as there will be topics like – Sets and Functions, Algebra, Co-ordinate Geometry, Calculus, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics, Probability etc.

Consequently, focusing on the basic topics and brushing them up thoroughly will help you with easy calculations. This will be helpful over the topics like – Relations and Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Algebra, Calculus, Vectors, Three – dimensional Geometry, etc.

BCECE 2022 Preparation Tips for Biology

Science indeed works from both practical and theoretical perspectives. So, preparation for BCECE 2022 Biology and Agriculture subjects needs an in-depth focus on the complete perspective of the concepts.

Being aware of the division of the topics over the propositions of the weightage of marks. This will definitely help you reach out a clear and better preparation.

Therefore, the next thing that you need to be working on is the evolutions that are relevant. Taking note and the further applications of the concepts will be a definite guide.

Important Tips for BCECE 2022 Exam

  1. Go through the complete official BCECE 2022 Exam syllabus.
  2. Focus on all subjects and sub-topics equally.
  3. Practice BCECE previous year’s question papers.
  4. Be vigilant over the repeated topics.
  5. Prioritize your study goals on regular basis.

BCECE 2022 Study Material

BCECE Previous Question Papers Download Links
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Download BCECE Physics Previous Question Paper PDF Click Here
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To Download BCECE Physics Previous Paper PDF Click Here

Note: The above-given BCECE Previous Question Papers are only for reference purposes.

Well, to enhance your BCECE 2022 Exam preparation. You should definitely include these BCECE 2022 Preparation Tips and make a healthy exam prep routine. Have a stable study time and do well with your exam. All the best from Exams.Freshersnow.Com. Follow us for more informative content.

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