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Best Books For GPAT

Best Books For GPAT 2022 Preparation | GPAT Books: Finding the Best Books For GPAT 2022 Preparation. Here they are. All that you need in one place. This article is aligned so perfectly, that it will guide you through the Best Books For GPAT 2022. It should be essential on your part to understand the criteria of your preparation. Whilst considering the preparation levels you can pick out the exact book or the stud material that you are looking for. Follow along, read through the article, and do take notes at your convenience.

GPAT 2022 Best Books

  • Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design By Aulton
  • Physical Chemistry By Dr. RR Misra
  • Textbook of Pharmacognosy By K Kokate
  • Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction, Mechanism & Structure By Jerry March
  • Industrial microbiology By Cascida
  • Biochemistry By Lehninger or By Satyanarayan
  • Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis By BK Sarma
  • Health Education & Community Pharmacy: For First Year Diploma By NS Parmar

Subject Wise Books For GPAT 2022 Preparation

This section of the article will guide you through sectioned Best Books for GPAT 2022 Preparation. Enhance your preparation with this list of books for GPAT 2022. If you have come across similar books as above, consider the ones which are in alignment with your preparation. Follow along.

Best Books for GPAT Pharmacology

  • Pharmacology Test Prep: 1500 USMLE-Style Questions & Answers – Mario Babbini, Mary L. Thomas
  • Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics – Goodman and Gillman
  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 14E – Bertram G. Katzung, Anthony J. Trevo
  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology – Katzung
  • Pharamcology – Rang & Dale
  • Essential of Medical Pharmacology – K D Tripathi

Best Books for GPAT Pharmaceutics

  • Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design – Aulto
  • GPAT: A Companion – N N Inamdar
  • Physical Pharmacy – Martin
  • Modern Pharmaceutics – Banker Rhodes

Best Books for GPAT Pharmacognosy

  • Text Book of Pharmacognosy – E. Walis
  • Trease and Evan’s Pharmacognosy – William Charles Evans
  • Text Book of Pharmacognosy – Treas, and Evans
  • The Pearson Guide to GPAT – Umang Shah
  • Pharmacognosy – C K Kokat

Best Books for GPAT Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Chromatography – Remington
  • Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis – B. K. Sarma
  • Spectroscopy and Titration – Chatwal
  • Modern Technology of Pharmaceutical Analysis – Nirav Son
  • Spectroscopy – Silverstein
  • Text Book of Pharmaceutical Analysis – K. A. Connors

Best Books for GPAT Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Medicinal Chemistry – S N Pande
  • Organic Chemistry – Morrison & Boyd
  • Best Books for GPAT Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
  • Davis’s Pocket Clinical Drug Reference – Cynthia Sanoski & Shamim Tejan
  • Clinical Pharmacy And Therapeutics – Roger Walker & Cate Whittlesea

Best Books for GPAT Microbiology

  • Industrial microbiology – Prescott and Dunn
  • Industrial microbiology – Cascida
  • Microbiology – Pelzar

Best Books for GPAT Physical Chemistry

  • Advanced Physical Chemistry – Carol A. Venanzi
  • Physical Chemistry Lecture Notes – Prof. Rob Schurko R.W. Schurko, University of Windsor
  • Physical Chemistry – Dr. R. R. Misra
  • Introductory Physical Chemistry – Rob Schurko

Best Books for GPAT Biochemistry

  • Lipids: Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Health – Michael I. Gurr, John L. Harwood, Keith N
  • Biochemistry – By Lehninger
  • Biochemistry of Lipids, Lipoproteins and Membranes edited – J.E. Vance, Dennis E. Vance
  • Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology – M. R. Chaudhari, Y. A. Kulkarni, S. B. Gokhale

Best Books for GPAT Organic Chemistry

  • Advance Organic Chemistry: Reaction, Mechanism & Structure – Jerry March
  • Organic Chemistry – Morrison & Boyd

To conclude, you have got all the best books for GPAT 2022 Preparation. Stay connected for more informative articles here at Exams.Freshersnow.Com.

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