Best Books for FMGE 2022 Preparation | FMGE Books

Best Books for FMGE

Best Books for FMGE 2022 Preparation | FMGE Books: Are you interested to know the Best Books for FMGE 2022 Preparation? If you are looking for FMGE Books to elevate your preparation. You need to have this list of books that will be mentioned in the article. Additionally, it is very important to understand the criteria of your preparation. This will help you through selecting the books for FMGE as per your exam criteria. Ensure that you are following along and do not miss any section of the article.

Subject Wise Best Books for FMGE 2022 Preparation | FMGE Books

FMGE Anatomy Books

  • Anatomy for FMGE – P.Harinath, K.Raviraj & Vishwajit.R.D
  • Revise Anatomy in 15 days – K.Raviraj
  • Read Self Assessment and Review of Anatomy – Rajesh K Kaushal

FMGE Physiology Books

  • Quick review series: Physiology for FMGE – Prem Balaguru & P.Harinath
  • Review of Physiology (PGMEE) – Soumen Manna
  • Complete Review of Integrated Systems Physiology – S Krishna Kumar

FMGE Biochemistry Books

  • Quick review series: Biochemistry for FMGE – A.Balasubramanian
  • Self Assessment and Review of Biochemistry – Rebecca James
  • Biochemistry – Smily Pahwa

FMGE Pathology Books

  • Concepts In Pathology – Devesh Mishra
  • Review of Pathology and Genetics – Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta
  • Pathology with the base of Medicine – AK Setiya
  • Complete Review of Pathology – Praveen Kumar Gupta, Vandana Puri

FMGE Microbiology Books

  • Quick review series: Microbiology for FMGE – Geethu Joe, A.V. Sowmya & M.Balakrishnan
  • Review of Microbiology & Immunology – Apurba Sankar Sastry and Sandhya Bhat K
  • Self Assessment & Review of Microbiology & Immunology – Rachna Chaurasia

FMGE Pharmacology Books

  • Review of pharmacology – Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta
  • Conceptual Review of Pharmacology for NBE – Ranjan Kumar Patel

FMGE Forensic Medicine Books

  • Quick review series: Forensic medicine for FMGE – Mohit Gupta
  • Forensic Medicine Nothing beyond for PGMEE (New SARP Series for NEET/NBE/AI) – J.Magendran

FMGE Clinical Books

  • Medicine – Mudit Khanna MCQ Internal medicine
  • Surgery – Amit Tripathi and Ashish Gupta – Rachna Chaurasia / Arora
  • PSM
  • Review for PSM by ‘Vivek Jain’
  • Ophthalmology
  • ‘Dr. Ruchi Rai’ for Ophthalmology
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Review Book by ‘Dr. Sakshi Arora”
  • Review Book by Harmeet Goyal – Paediatrics
  • Jitendra Talekar – Notes by ‘Dr. Marwah’

FMGE 2022 Preparation Books

  • Skin – ACROSS Book
  • Anesthesia – ACROSS Book
  • Radiology – PROAFS
  • Orthopedics – PROAFS

To conclude, all the Best Boks for FMGE 2022 are placed in this article. Follow at Exams.Freshersnow.Com for more informative articles.

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